Trading Pre-Owned TRUMPF Machines

Buying & Selling Machines "As Is"

You wish to purchase or sell a machine? At the core of every transaction, RECOS machines enables you to find the right machine to meet your needs.

Selling Overhauled and Tested Machines

RECOS machines has a fleet of constantly renewed machines. All the machines passing through our workshop are, at your request, fully overhauled and tested.

When you buy a machine (whether “as is” or overhauled), RECOS machines obviously takes care of dispatching and installing it in your facility, with all applicable warranties.

Selling Spare Parts

RECOS machines, as a TRUMPF certified partner, offers a wide range of spare parts and consumables fully suited to your machines. Having full control over our logistics (24/7 in case of emergency) makes for an optimal use of your machines.


RECOS machines offers software solutions to support you in all your sheet metal machining processes. We assist you in installing and setting them up, before training you.

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