Recos machines’ History

  • April 1986 : Creation of TRUMPF RECOS (RECOS stands for reconstruction).

    Starting off as a TRUMPF subsidiary, TRUMPF RECOS reports directly to the parent company, so the machines are refurbished without any compromise, in compliance with the manufacturer’s standards, and using original spare parts.

    This is a win-win situation as TRUMPF can maintain its brand image even with pre-owned machines, TRUMPF RECOS can benefit from the manufacturer’s support and, finally, the customers can – obviously – trust the equipment they purchase.

  • January 1995 : TRUMPF RECOS becomes RECOS machines and joins the Broziat group. The company moves out of its Trumpf premises into a new leased location.

  • June 1998 : Claude WEISS, our current CEO, takes over the management of the business, three years after he was hired as a sales manager.

  • January 2002 : RECOS machines moves to a new 1930m² production site, which includes 220m² of office space.

  • June 2006 : Claude WEISS becomes a minority shareholder of RECOS machines.

  • January 2012 : RECOS machines adds an extra 650 m² to its shop floor located in the Ried industrial estate, combined with a 220 m² extension with office space and new training rooms.

  • June 2012 : Claude WEISS becomes majority shareholder of RECOS machines.

  • June 2013 : RECOS machines delivers its 1,000th machine tool.

  • Avril 2016 : RECOS machines celebrates its 30th anniversary!

  • June 2016 : RECOS machines purchases the Machines Outils Services business, located in Burnhaupt-le-Bas, Haut-Rhin, three new staff members are added.

  • December 2021 : Claude Weiss passes the company on to his son Yannick who becomes a General Manager.

  • April 2022 : Extension of the workshop in the Ried business park by 550 m².

RECOS under construction
RECOS commercial B.U.  : Michel Magar Technical department : Éric Weber
RECOS machines store : Fabien Knaebel RECOS machines accounting : Evelyne Loison RECOS machines purchasing department : Célia Aubry