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30 Candles for RECOS machines

Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace Article from Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, Monday 23 June 2016

"Having celebrated its 1,000th delivery in 2013, Recos machines, based in the Schweighouse-sur-Moder industrial estate, has just turned 30. This SME with a staff of 25 is specialised in reassembling, overhauling and selling pre-owned Trumpf machine tools.

Recos machines Workshop

Recos machines has been operating in Northern Alsace for thirty years now. Quite an achievement for this SME specialising in reassembling, overhauling and selling pre-owned Trumpf machine tools.

In its formative years, Recos was a subsidiary of the world leader in machine tools. “Trumpf wanted their pre-owned machines to benefit from the same high-quality image as the brand-new ones. Back then, pre-used products were sold by traders, without being overhauled nor checked, which is why the Trumpf Recos subsidiary was created at the time”, as Recos CEO, Claude Weiss explains.

Ten years later, Trumpf decided to sell the subsidiary to the German Broziat Group. Trumpf Recos became Recos machines. The ties, however, were not severed. They have actually been maintained. Although now a legally independent entity, the company still overhauls and sells Trumpf-branded machine tools.

[...] This is not the only benefit from this partnership: Recos can also rely on Trumpf’s commercial network and use their spare parts. [...]

[...] Each year, over fifty machines pass through the workshops in the Schweighouse-sur-Moder industrial estate, [...] to eventually be sold at half the original selling price. “We provide turnkey services, says Claude Weiss. We check and rebuild each machine before taking care of its on-site installation and commissioning, with the exception of hoisting that still has to be provided by the buyer. We also train technicians and after-sales service staff. [...] An average turnover of €11 million.

The CEO intends to hand over the reins to his son.

[...] Recos purchased the Machines Outils Services business, in Burnhaupt-le-Bas in Haut-Rhin, adding three people to its staff. [...] "

Jean-Marc Jankowski.

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Thirthy Years of Successful Development

Tôlerie Magazine Article from Tôlerie Magazine, May 2016

On April 1st, Recos machines invited its closest clients, partners and suppliers to a fitting celebration of its thirtieth anniversary. This was an opportunity for us to interview Claude Weiss, CEO of the company, to take stock of the last three decades and talk about his vision for the future.

Tôlerie Magazine : How did you come up with the idea of starting this company 30 years ago ?

Claude Weiss : Professor Berthold Leibinger, founder of the Trumpf Group, is the man behind the creation of Trumpf Recos (now Recos machines). He wanted to control the quality image of his brand’s machines, including pre-used ones. While TRUMPF machines became increasingly well-known in the 1980’s, they were traded on the market of pre-used machines by machine tool traders or from customer to customer without any guaranteed quality due to poor dismantling, lack of overhauling... But the subsidiary was also meant to serve another purpose: provide a commercial solution for the manufacturer, driven by the following motto “no matter the machine sold, it has to be a Trumpf!”.

TM : What were the major stages in your three decades of development ?

CW : It all started back in April 1986 with the foundation of Trumpf Recos (Recos stands for reconstruction). The next milestone was January 1995. Following the 1992-93 crisis, the Trumpf group decided to sell Trumpf Recos, choosing the Broziat Group as a new owner. Even though the company changed its name to Recos machines on this occasion, it retained the right to use its founder’s logo. The company was then run by its first manager Henri Stark, a former technical manager for Trumpf France. The next change happened in August 1998, when I took over from a retiring Henri Stark. April 2004 was a further highlight in our history, when Trumpf Germany implemented a certification system for its pre-owned machine refurbishment partners. We were awarded the certification. There were also two major financial stages, when the Broziat Group, owner of Recos machines, first sold 10% of its shares to my family in 2008, followed by another 70% six years later. These operations were mostly aimed at making the company sustainable. My son Yannick joining the company’s management team within two to three years is a further step in this direction.

TM : Who are the men and women behind Recos machines today ?

CW : The company has 23 employees, including the CEO and my deputy manager Michel Magar. We have just two full administrative staff, in charge of managing all our cases. Most employees work in the technical field, with 15 technicians. Four of them are exclusively field technicians, while the others work on or off-site, as necessary. This team is supervised by a shop foreman and assisted by a software and programming manager. We also have two after-sales service managers.

TM : What does Recos machines stand for in terms of offer and market ?

CW : For thirty years, we have been offering an alternative, which is equally good in terms of quality and quantity, to customers who want to purchase one or more TRUMPF machines, but cannot necessarily afford a brand new one or maybe just don’t want to buy a new one. We have the whole range of models originally sold as new equipment by the German manufacturer: punching machines, combined punching-laser machines, 2D laser cutting machines and tube cutting machines, press brakes, as well as 5-axes laser cutting and welding machines. 95% of these machines are overhauled in our workshops according to the manufacturer’s standards, using original spare parts. The remaining 5% are newer models with very few operating hours, sold directly from customer to customer, without passing through our workshop. From a commercial perspective, Recos machines has, to date, sold and installed over 1,130 machines, i.e. between 45 and 55 refurbished machines every year over the last ten years. We have an average turnover of €10,800,000/year, i.e. a ratio of €470,000/employee. As for the other three overhauling sites of the Broziat Group, they have sold over 2,080 machines.

TM : What services do you offer your customers ?

CW : We offer a comprehensive range of services centred around two main activities: on the one hand, buying used machines and on the other, selling overhauled equipment. Our buying activity includes inspecting, dismantling and transporting machines to our workshops. Our selling business starts with assistance and advice prior to installing machines. We then overhaul, transport and commission it and train staff in how to operate it. This also involves rolling out the equipment’s programming software and training operators to use this tool. Last but not least, we also provide after-sales service for the machines we sell. At the same time, we can offer financing solutions through our financial partners. Our services are available in many geographical areas, even outside of France. For instance, we are active in the German states bordering the Great Eastern region of France, in the Benelux countries, as well as in Bulgaria and Romania. We are also present in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and in the rest of Africa, as well as in Egypt and Lebanon.

TM : While waiting for your fortieth anniversary, what strategic actions are you considering implementing in the next ten years ?

CW : We have several strategic actions in progress, such as ensuring the continuous training of our technicians and administrative staff and hiring new technicians, both equally important measures to secure and further develop our after-sales service. To do so, we focus on training by hiring, every two years, a young graduate with a two-year technician work-study degree. By doing so, we ensure continuity and a well-balanced age structure within our company. One other strategic priority is to integrate my son Yannick into the company, so he can take over from me in due course. In addition, we will further strengthen the Trumpf/Recos machines partnership, which is the cornerstone of our business and of our unique position in the market of pre-owned machines.

© Tôlerie Magazine, photo and article, May 2016


RECOS machines, Certified Compliance

Tôlerie Magazine Article from Tôlerie Magazine, dated September 2013

Specialising in machine tool overhauling, Recos machines has been a Trumpf certified partner, refurbishing its machines for over 25 years.

In France, Recos machines reconditions close to 60 machines of all types every year. Building on this long-standing partnership, Recos machines delivered their 1,000th machine this year.

It was a 6 kW TruLaser 5030 laser cutting machine.


Originally named Trumpf Recos (Recos standing for reconstruction), the company was founded in April 1986 by Trumpf, at the initiative of its manager at the time, Prof Dr-Ing E. h. Berthold Leibinger. His idea was to respond to a market-driven need in the field of pre-owned machines. He had indeed noticed that trading pre-owned machines could be damaging for the brand image of the manufacturer, due to the lack of skills of some of the players. Customers sometimes ended up with pre-owned machines that didn’t work, due to inappropriate dismantling, faulty parts, transport-related problems or all sorts of other issues.

Starting off as a Trumpf subsidiary, Trumpf Recos’s n°1 goal was to solve this problem. Creating a subsidiary reporting directly to the parent company was a way to make sure machines would be upgraded without any compromise, according to the manufacturer’s standards and using original parts. This was a win-win situation as TRUMPF could maintain its brand image even with pre-owned machines, Trumpf Recos could benefit from the manufacturer’s support and, obviously, the customers could trust the equipment they purchased.

In 1995, Trumpf Recos finally left Trumpf to become Recos machines and to join the Broziat Group.

Recos machines

Today, three out of the six Trumpf certified partners in Europe are members of the Broziat Group and service approximately 160 pre-owned machines each year. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Recos machines services close to 60 machines/year, all models included (press brakes, punching machines, combination machines, 2D laser flatbeds, 3D, tube laser cutting equipment and, obviously, all automation systems).

Each year, the company has to reapply for the Trumpf certification, as the manufacturer audits all its certified partners on a yearly basis. The same standards set for Trumpf factories apply to the partners, albeit with a slight adjustment to take into account the special requirements of pre-owned machines, thus urging the partners to maintain a high level of quality. It should be noted that all equipment is overhauled according to the manufacturer’s standards, subject to the making of a master part, thus guaranteeing equal manufacturing tolerances between reconditioned and new machines.

All overhauling processes are done on Recos machines’ premises near Haguenau. The company has 2,300 m2 of workshop and storage area, where their 16 (Trumpf trained) technicians carry out overhauling and follow-up work on the machines, using only original parts from the manufacturer.

Service with Warranty and Follow-Up

Not merely content with professionally upgrading equipment, Recos machines also offers an all-inclusive service for a wide range of laser cutting machines, punching machines, combination machines, press brakes and, more recently, tube cutting laser machines, as well as Trumpf automation and loading/unloading systems.

What is clear is that Recos machines covers the full spectrum of operations, from picking up the machine at the seller’s to commissioning it in the new owner’s facility. It should be pointed out that our service comes with a three to six-month warranty, depending on the equipment. This means that the machine offered to the customer has always been overhauled with original parts from the manufacturer and is ready for a second life. With this in mind, Recos machines’ technicians, trained by Trumpf and authorised to work on machines, are in charge of the after-sales service for the equipment sold.

It should be stressed that due to the technicians’ high level of training, “after-sales service can be outsourced” between certified partners and the manufacturer. This is made possible by a common software used to plan the interventions of the technicians, on both pre-owned and new machines. Recos machines goes beyond just commissioning, as it also provides training in specific areas, including programming software for users. Recos machines has been Trumpf-approved for this kind of service and even has its own dedicated on-site training room.

The 1,000th machine !

In early summer, Recos machines delivered its 1,000th machine. It was a latest generation 6kW laser cutting machine TruLaser 5030, which uses a universal cutting head to cover the entire thickness range.

Fitted with linear engines, the device was fully overhauled and all parts susceptible to wear, such as the axes bellows for instance, were systematically changed. As for the heart of the machine, i.e. source and outer beam guideway, quartz tubes, deflector mirrors, cooling system, etc., all parts were either changed or overhauled, as required. The pallet changer was entirely disassembled and reconditioned, along with the suction system and the cooler. Whenever there was play in the drive sprockets, we replaced them.

Even though upgrading the NC is not a requirement on latest generation equipment, Recos machines would like to point out that they can upgrade the NC to the latest version, whenever necessary and to fully benefit from the most advanced features offered by the manufacturer.

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1,000th machine sold !

TruLaser 5030
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace
Article from Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, dated Wednesday 28 August 2013

Recos machines recently delivered its 1,000th machine tool - a 2D laser cutting machine - in the Rhône area. A great pride for the small company based in Schweighouse-sur-Moder, specialising in overhauling and selling pre-owned Trumpf machine tools, 2D laser cutting machines, punching machines, combined laser punching machines and press brakes, to name but a few. Since 1995, the former subsidiary of the German giant has been standing on its own two feet within the Broziat Group, which owns four production plants in Europe. Despite its legal independence, it has maintained solid bonds with Trumpf.

Sixty Machines per Year

“We are a privileged Trumpf-certified partner, Claude Weiss, CEO of Recos machines in Schweighouse, stresses. Every year, we have been checked and audited to get our certification renewed. This makes us constantly strive to do better. We have responsibilities but also a great opportunity to benefit from Trumpf’s brand image. We are talking about a major asset, here.”

Today, we process 60 pre-owned machines/year in our workshops in Schweighouse-sur-Moder. When Trumpf sells a new machine tool, Recos is always at the ready to collect the old one. The company buys the pre-owned equipment based on its condition and resale potential. It then passes through the production unit, where it is carefully dismantled, cleaned, repainted and overhauled. Overhauling can mean as much as a full replacement of faulty elements and parts susceptible to wear, using only original Trumpf parts. The machine is then tested before being dispatched to the customer.

€680,000 to Extend Premises

70% of Recos machines’ “production” is sold in France and the rest in Ireland, Benelux countries, Bulgaria, Romania, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. “In countries where it is established, our partner takes care of commercial contacts, Claude Weiss points out. Our customers are usually small start-up companies. A few larger groups also call upon us at times. Our field of expertise is sheets that can be punched, bent or cut by our machines...” Recos machines’ technicians take care of commissioning the equipment on site, training the local staff as well as providing after-sales service. The Schweighouse-based company also offers programming software solutions. Since 2012, it has even an on-site dedicated training room. Recos spent €680,000, building an extension in the Ried industrial estate, thus adding an extra 650m2 of “overhauling” space.

Although, like Trumpf, Recos did not come out of the 2008-2009 financial crisis unscathed, suffering a 40% drop in sales, the company has since recovered. So much so that it is now planning to hire two more people very soon – one shop foreman and one technician -, possibly followed in the coming months by two more for the after-sales service hotline.

Jean-Marc Jankowski.

© Article Dna, Wednesday 28 August 2013


RECOS machines 20 Years of Know-How

Tôlerie Magazine Article from Tôlerie Magazine, dated May 2006

With partners and some of its customers present, Recos machines, a company based in Schweighouse-sur-Moder, Bas-Rhin, celebrated twenty years of successful overhauling of pre-owned Trumpf machines on 31 March and 1st April. A great opportunity for us to find out more about what Recos machines has to offer.

Filling a Gap in Thoroughness

“Twenty years ago, Trumpf Recos was created as a Trumpf subsidiary, at the initiative of Berthold Leibinger, who was not yet CEO of Trumpf Gmbh”, explains Henri Stark, the company’s first manager, who knew he just had to be here today even though he is now retired. And it was with no small joy that he started recounting a few anecdotes that punctuated the life of the company, while reminding everyone of the company’s initial purpose: “At the time, he adds, Trumpf machines had already a great reputation, but trading pre-owned machines could be damaging for the brand image of the manufacturer, due to the lack of skills of some of the players. Customers sometimes ended up with pre-owned machines that didn’t work due to inappropriate dismantling, faulty parts, transport-related problems or all sorts of issues of the same kind. Trumpf Recos’s purpose was to improve the situation, building on a strengthened partnership with the manufacturer”. The ground covered in two decades of business speaks for itself. Moreover, the data presented in the speech by Claude Weiss, current manager of the company, can only reinforce this impression. Having expressed all due acknowledgments, he took stock of the current business situation, stating in his presentation: “Today, Recos machines overhauls around 45 machines every year, all types of technology included, and boasts an impressive 625 items refurbished since its inception”. This brief historical overview would not be complete without mentioning that in 1994, the Trumpf Recos company was finally sold to the Broziat Group, owner of a worldwide network of pre-owned TRUMPF machines, with no less than 5 subsidiaries in Europe. Trumpf Recos then became Recos machines. The change in status however did not hurt the quality of the partnership with Trumpf.

Preparing for a Second Life

Built in January 2002 to host the overhauling of machines acquired by the company, Recos machines’ premises include 1,650m² of covered buildings, also used to store refurbished equipment. 13 out of the 20 staff members are specialised technicians trained by Trumpf in the maintenance of its equipment. “Our business requires knowledge of the technological changes implemented by the manufacturer, as Claude Weiss explains, because the equipment we purchase was originally commissioned from two to ten years ago. The latest generation machines – with very few working hours compared to what they can actually do – obviously require only standard maintenance work and a fresh coat of paint. Older machines, however, have to be completely dismantled”. Once the product has been dismounted, we analyse the condition of every single part of the machine. Based on the findings of this analysis, we decide whether we will fix or replace it. “For standard mechanical operations, our own technicians work on site, as Claude Weiss adds. When we observe play in a punching head, we dismount it and then send it to Trumpf for reconditioning. Such a process also applies to both mechanical heads on type 180 R machines and hydraulic heads on the latest TC 5000 R. As far as laser cutting machines are concerned, our approach is quite similar. We systematically dismantle the source, which we send to the manufacturer in Ditzingen. Apart from just taking care of the issue of worn source parts, we also want to offer our customers up-to-date equipment, fitted with all the technological advances made during its previous life”. As a guideline, it takes around 2 to 4 weeks to refurbish a punching machine, while overhauling a laser cutting machine can be done in 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the peripheral material included.

Service with Warranty and Follow-Up

Not merely content with offering a professional upgrading of equipment, Recos machines also provides its customers with an all-inclusive service. “Although it depends on the market of pre-used machines, Claude Weiss says, we have a wide range of laser cutting machines, punching machines, combination machines and press brakes on offer. Loading and unloading peripheral equipment supplied by Trumpf should also be added to this list. What is clear is that we cover the full spectrum of operations, from picking-up the machine at the seller’s to its commissioning in the new owner’s facility. We even go as far as training operators, for which we have been specially certified by Trumpf. In the same spirit, we take care of after-sales service for the equipment we sell. It should be pointed out that, depending on the equipment, our service comes with a three to six-month warranty. This means that every machine has been overhauled with original parts from the manufacturer and is ready for a second life. The customer can purchase it at 40 to 60% of the cost of investing in brand-new equipment of the same model”.

© Tôlerie Magazine, photo and article, May 2006

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