Pre-Owned TruLaser 5040

The productive machine

The laser cutting machines TruLaser 5040 represent high productivity, efficiency, and high-quality results. They are characterized by speed and reliable processes. Diverse automation solutions and intelligent functions guarantee excellent results in continuous operation – the smooth edges produced by the CO2 laser also offer clear-cut benefits. The perfect machine for excellent laser cutting.

Technical data

Length : 12510 mm
Width : 5400 mm
Height : 2400 mm
Maximum speed
Simultaneous : 300 m/min
Working range
X axis : 4000 mm
Y axis : 2000 mm
Maximum workpiece weight : 3200 kg
TruFlow 6000
Maximum laser power : 6000 W
Maximum sheet thickness, mild steel : 25 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, stainless steel : 25 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, aluminum : 16 mm
Average power input in production : 32 kW



Your entry into automation: The LoadMaster enables the automatic loading of your machine with raw sheets.

Loading and unloading

The compact LiftMaster Compact loads and unloads your machine completely automatically and extremely fast. With the LiftMaster Linear Basic you have the option of multiple-machine connection.

Loading and unloading / Part sorting

The automation solution, LiftMaster, covers a broad range of automation functions. It loads and unloads, but is also suitable for pallet handling or part removal. The LiftMaster Sort also separates finished parts from the scrap skeleton. LiftMaster Store and LiftMaster Store Linear connect your system directly to the store. The SortMaster automatically sorts finished parts.